3 Truths About Craft Cannabis

Learn all about what craft cannabis is, its origin story, why it's important for all cannabis industries, how it's reducing stigma, and more.

Before the days of legalized marijuana in Canada, acquiring the formerly forbidden flower was not easy for Canadians. In response to laws and regulations preventing cannabis users from purchasing or selling marijuana, many marijuana users opted to grow their own. They realized that growing their own marijuana was a safe, reliable option to procure a consistent source of the healing herb.

What was eventually born from the small scale marijuana growers operating in secret for decades was the production of unique marijuana strains bursting with variety and crop diversity. Today, these marijuana farmers have stepped from their greenhouses and are sharing their knowledge, novel strains and products. This formerly covert community is now known as the craft cannabis industry.

The craft cannabis industry falls under the micro license category for both cultivation and processing in Canada. This means a cultivation size of 200m2 and production of up to 600kg of dried cannabis per year. 

With the small scale comes the ability to pay attention to detail and focus on what’s really important: quality, innovation and community. These three characteristics are what makes the craft cannabis industry incredibly valuable, not only for cannabis consumers, but to the industry as a whole.

Keep reading to learn why craft cannabis is a delightful and important specialty and why the demand for craft cannabis is increasing by both seasoned and new cannabis aficionados.

Craft Cannabis is Made With Love

Craft cannabis producers are known for growing their plants with love and dedication. It just makes sense these cannabis pioneers would have a strong commitment to their craft. Why else would a cultivator willingly opt to defy laws and societal norms to support a vilified herb?  

For the craft cannabis producer the whole process in its entirety is given loving attention. From cultivation, harvesting and production, all the way to packaging — each step is thoughtfully considered. It all has to work together to produce the type of quality that the craft cannabis industry is known for. 

The producers of fine craft cannabis products have been in pursuit of top-quality marijuana for decades because it’s their passion. Their love for the many benefits, variety, and nuances of marijuana  is a top reason why the craft cannabis industry is growing. This passion and desire to share the benefit with others naturally leads to very high standards.

Craft cannabis producers will always go for quality over quantity. For example, the plants are usually carefully hand-trimmed, to retain the trichomes and cultivation is usually organic, often using natural light rather than artificial. Quality can even extend to a concern with ethical packaging that is UV shielded so the quality of the product does not degrade. All these details add to the overall quality in terms of freshness, potency, wholesomeness and medicinal value of the product.

Craft Cannabis Supports Innovation and Diversity

Diversity and choice of available marijuana strains is a notable result of the burgeoning craft cannabis industry. Craft cannabis producers are selective about the strains they choose to produce, resulting in strains that are not only high quality, but with unique characteristics as well. 

Innovation is one of the hallmarks of any craft industry — just look at the unique flavor combinations and methods that have developed out of the craft brewery industry. Like craft breweries, the craft cannabis industry is free to explore and develop unique strains and products that appeal to niche markets. In this way, they help keep diversity alive and growing.

The diversity of available craft cannabis products makes it so much easier for cannabis aficionados to find the ideal strain for their preferred tastes and desired experience. Additionally, as more cultivators share their strains’ unique properties and growing conditions, it’s becoming more straightforward for newcomers to cannabis to understand and define their personal marijuana preferences.

Craft Cannabis is Community Minded

Craft cannabis is produced in small batches and as such, can be highly responsive to consumer needs. The small size allows for direct communication between consumers and the producers. Craft cannabis most often serves a local market and supports their community in numerous ways. Not only do they provide jobs and economic growth, but craft cannabis producers often think of themselves as ambassadors for the cannabis community, and having a role to play in education of the public and advocacy for the industry as a whole – especially in these early days of the decriminalization of cannabis in Canada.

For these three reasons – love of cannabis, ability to be innovative, and commitment to the community –  craft cannabis is a crucially important component in the cannabis industry as a whole. The craft industry fills needs that the big commercial operations simply can’t. And in doing so, it ensures that the cannabis industry will remain vibrant and progressive. Craft cannabis is good for the industry and consumers alike.

Looking to buy craft cannabis? Vancity Releaf has a great selection of cannabis products (such as flowers, concentrates & topicals, CBD oil, and vape pens) sourced from craft producers in British Columbia, Canada.


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