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About Us

Vancity Releaf is an online dispensary dedicated to providing customers with high quality, lab tested cannabis products that provide the best experience. Our products help with pain, inflammation, focus, sleep, eating, stress, and more.


CBD Oil – 1000 mg

LIMITED TIME OFFER: Buy 2 Get 1 FREE! Note: to receive this offer, add 3 units to your cart. This premium blend of CBD Oil has favourable therapeutic affects for people with depression, anxiety, panic disorders, PTSD, sports recovery, epilepsy, insomnia, inflammation & more.



A great choice for those who seek relief of skeletal pain, muscle pain, depression, anxiety, neurological muscle disorders, insomnia & A.D.D.



Perfect for those who seek increased appetite , relief from chronic pain, depression, muscle issues/spasms, & insomnia.



Disposable Vape Pen

Strain: Pina Colada / Green Crack. Pre-filled with: 500mg THC distillate. Usage: Minimum 100 puffs.



Beneficial for those seeking relief of nausea, depression, stress, mild pain, headaches. A must try for the adventurous! Not recommended for those who are prone to panic &/or anxiety.



Best for those who seek a boost in creativity, increase in appetite, relief from chronic pain, insomnia & a long lasting feeling of relaxation.


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